Archana Darshana Theatre – Baba Cinemas Online Ticket Booking

Watching your favourite star on a big screen is always a pleasure. There are lots of movie lovers in town, which is well proved by the crowd in almost all the theatres on a weekend. That is the reason why even the oldest theatres in town are trying to catch the multiplex by renovating and bringing in a new look. That’s why, Senthil Kumaran theatre, one of the oldest theatre has being renovated and standing with a fresh and new look. Senthil Kumaran theatre online booking is available.

When you think of watching a movie in Coimbatore, first theatre comes to our mind is Baba Cinemas. Sri Baba Theatres is a multiplex located in R.S.Puram. With lots of new multiplexes coming into the city, even Archana, Darshana were also renovated with class. The interiors, sound, light and complete Air Conditioned atmosphere give you a double pleasure. The new interiors are quite comfortably matching the look of Fun Cinemas which again is one of the best multiplex in the city.

It is easy for you to book online. You just have to register if you are a new user. Select date and show time, Select seats with mouse, and click “confirm ticket” by credit card, debit card or net banking. You can print your ticket. Alternatively, booking confirmation will be sent to registered mobile via SMS can be used at the counter. But one disadvantage is that you cannot cancel the online booking. But you can exchange it to your friends.

Archana Darshana Address: Devanga High School Road, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore. Phone: 0422 – 2472275

If you find any issue while booking ticket online, you can email them at

SPI Cinemas’ Online ticket booking is somewhat similar to the Archana Darshana theatre online booking. Both are much easier. During a new release and all weekends, one can see crowd waiting to watch their favourite star. Other oldest theatres like Central Kanadara theatre, shanti theatre are also in the race with their central Kanadara theatre online booking, shanti theatre online booking becoming a huge hit.

One cannot forget the major theatre which stands on the 100 Feet road, yes you guessed it right. It’s the Karpagam Complex, Ganga, Yamuna and Kaveri online booking which is also seen most of the times house full.

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